Household Relocations


To make an accurate assessment of your moving requirements, your chalita packing services and shipping co.,ltd.  representative will visit your home or office and perform a thorough pre-move survey. Based on your individual needs, a custom moving plan will be developed that covers every phase of your relocation. During our pre-move visit, you can also discuss moving special items such as cars, boats, campers and golf carts. Your Global representative is fully trained and experienced to assist you.Relocation ServicesTo assist you in planning for your move, we've provided some handy guides:

Moving Guide


Let's face it ? moving can be stressful. But with chalita packing services and shipping co.,ltd. Van Lines, it doesn't have to be. When you meet your Global representative for the first time, you know that you'll be in the hands of specialists from start to finish. Your Global moving professional will discuss with you a variety of services designed to meet your indiviudal relocation requirements and all your questions will be answered.

Here we've provided some helpful tips and guidelines that are sure to make preparing for your move easier.

Moving Day

With a professional moving plan organized by Chalita Packing services and Sipping Co.,Ltd, you can approach your moving day with a sense of confidence and comfort.

Lots of planning goes into an international relocation. Upon arrival, the van operator will make a visual tour of your house to devise a loading sequence. All furniture, cartons and crates will be tagged or labeled and listed on the inventory with a description and item number for ready identification at destination.

Heavy items such as pianos and refrigerators will be secured to van walls to ensure safe transportation. To utilize the full cubic capacity of the van, certain items may be disassembled. Nuts and bolts will be placed in special bags so these items can be readily assembled at your new home.

With your furnishings safely in place, your new residence will start to seem like a home. Upon arrival at your new home, chalita packing services and shipping co.,ltd. van operators will unload your belongings. Each item will be carefully checked against the inventory to make sure that every item is accounted for. We?ll reassemble your furnishings and place them in the desired locations. We can also remove any empty cartons, crates and packing materials that you don?t want.

With your furnishings safely in place, your new residence will be transformed into the familiar warm surroundings of a home. chalita packing services and shipping co.,ltd.  will then conduct a post-move survey to ensure that every detail of your move has been completed to your satisfaction.

International Services

A leader in overseas relocations for more than four decades, chalita packing services and shipping co.,ltd.  Worldwide, the international division of Global Van Lines, provides complete relocation and transportation services for your personal or corporate needs. Responsive and knowledgable to the unique requirements of international movement, our expansive worldwide organization is dedicated to personalized attention and high performance.

Lots of planning goes into an international relocation. Whether it's moving your personal household goods, a corporate transferee, trade show exhibit or high-value commodities, chalita packing services and shipping co.,ltd. Worldwide has the ability to handle it door-to-door safely and economically.

Our representatives, located in key market areas around the globe, provide on-the-spot supervision to ensure uninterrupted movement of inbound and outbound shipments. At chalita packing services and shipping co.,ltd. Worldwide headquarters, our "centralized" shipment-tracking computer system provides our customers with around-the-clock monitoring and supervision ? highly personalized service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Customs Information


Crossing international borders is not an easy task. In order to assist you in the process, we would like to provide you with as much information as possible. Below you will find a link to customs information for more than 150 countries. This will give you an idea about what documents are required, what items are restricted, and more



 we do our best to ensure you a smooth, hassle-free move. Unfortunately, there are times when unexpected events take over. To protect you in these situations, Global provides extensive insurance coverage when shipping goods overseas.

To help you estimate the amount of coverage you'll need, we have provided an on-line Valued Inventory Form. Should you need to submit a claim, we've also provided an on-line claim form to help you settle the matter as quickly and easily as possible.

Import & Export Services

For any person who have problems in Import and Export all things, we would like to serve you to save your cost and time. Because we concern about the complicated in preparing all import or export document, so we would like to make it easy for you to import or export any things. For export, we prompt to serve in packing and crating service to follow import regulation of destination country and we also provide the fumigation services too. For import, we prompt to serve you by preparing all importing document that under the regulation of Thailand customs and then send it to your destination.

International Relocation

?  Because of relocation services does not limit only domestic. So we would like to provide you the ?International Relocation Services?. If you would like to move to the other country, we prompt to serve you in 2 types (1) ?Door to Door Services? which we will operate in every step, first packing all your belonging, second crating for export, then doing all export document and booking the ship or airline as you requirement, next coordinate with the destination country to receive your belonging, and moving it through the destination house. (2) ?Door to Port Services? which we will operate from your origin until the destination port. As we would like to serve the customers as much as we can. So we offer you 2 options for your consideration. Besides, we could serve you in import to Thailand too



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